Specialty Coffee Roastery

Specialty Coffee Roastery

Specialty Coffee Roastery

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ARCO Coffee Grinder

ARCO is a 2-in-1 high precision coffee grinder that can be used as an electric grinder or as a hand grinder.

Bridging the gap between the luxury of electric grinders and the freedom and superb grind quality of hand grinders.

8 Cup
Etkin Dripper

When brewing coffee, you shouldn't have to choose between batch size and quality.

Many of us love the ritual of making coffee by hand, but most pour-over drippers are optimized to make 1-2 cups. If you brew coffee for your friends and family, you’re often stuck making multiple batches.

The Etkin Dripper is a new, flat-bottom coffee dripper optimized to make up to 1 liter of coffee.

Its proprietary design helps ensure an even extraction and ideal brew time so that your coffee tastes its best. 


Coffee, Culture, Lifestyle & Design


SOLO is a project and printed magazine around good coffee, culture, lifestyle and design that aims to approach the specialty coffee scene from a fresh, personal, and nontechnical point of view.

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Standart | Issue 25: Arabesques, alkalinity and coffeeStandart | Issue 24: Scrubs, drums, and coffeeStandart | Issue 23: Punks, diodes, and coffeeStandart | Issue 22: Napkins, glitter, and coffeeStandart | Issue 20: Words, flowers, and coffee

The beauty of specialty coffee culture.


Standart magazine is about people. They are the core of our content – fancy baristas, hard-working farmers, innovative roasters & dedicated coffee aficionados. They are all part the movement we love. We’re talking longevity here. In a world with so many distractions, notifications and products, you can keep only a few of them close – the best quality ones.

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