Colombia | Castillo Natural Rum Aged
Colombia | Castillo Natural Rum Aged

Colombia | Castillo Natural Rum Aged

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Very, very limited edition coffee beans!

Farm Owner: Felipe Arcila

Taste Notes: Chocolate-rum Truffle, Marzipan, Dried Papaya, Blackberries.

Roast: Filter


Processing Harvest Altitude Variety  Scoring
Rum Aged
December 2019
1700-1900 m
Castillo 92.25


After years of trial and error with experimental processing, Felipe Arcila achieved results, exceeding all expectations. Fresh cherries were fermented for 48 hours inside barrels and dried green beans have been aged inside the same barrels after that for an additional 20 days.


Why is this coffee special?

First rum-aged coffee in our range!

The story of this coffee started from the trip to Colombia in 2019 where two passionate coffee people - our Ancis and Carlos (co-owner of Cofinet) met.

Thanks to this friendship, we have an amazing drop-the-mic Colombian coffee in our range.
There was no doubt about it from the first time we slurped this coffee.
Rum - it tastes so much like rum. Unbelievable!
So sweet and full of flavors! It has a superb mouthfeel of rum truffles giving a full, thick, creamy mouthfeel with a long-lasting aftertaste of prunes and figs.
You have to try it!


Rum aged process. Trial and error.

In 2018 Felipe started to experiment using rum barrels in order to produce the best rum-aged coffee in the market. So they started by fermenting inside rum barrels different varietals for different processing methods such as Natural Pink Bourbon, Washed Gesha, and Natural Castillo. The outcome of this process delivered mild rum notes, which they really enjoyed but when shared with their customer, there was much more rum intensity needed.  Afterward, they started to age the coffee inside rum barrels for 1 week, and on this occasion, they noticed much more rum intensity was transferred into the cup but for their customer, this intensity was not yet enough. Although aging the coffee inside rum barrels was intensifying rum flavor in the cup, at the same time the green beans were absorbing moisture content from the environment to the point where the moisture content was not ideal for long shelf life. After months of trial and error, they decided to ferment fresh cherries for 48 hours inside rum barrels and age dried green beans inside these same barrels for 17 days, while making sure no moisture was absorbed by the beans during the aging process, this was achieved by wrapping the barrels with plastic (similar to what we use grain pro bags for). Later the sample was cupped by our QC team and the result exceeded all expectations!!! They managed to achieve enough transfer of rum into the cup while maintaining the coffee profile and its complexity.

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