Colombia,  Pink Bourbon | Washed, double Anaerobic fermentation (6247664943302)
Colombia,  Pink Bourbon | Washed, double Anaerobic fermentation (6247664943302)

Colombia, Pink Bourbon | Washed, double Anaerobic fermentation

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Washed, Double Anaerobic
July 2020
1550 m
Pink Bourbon

Huila, San Adolfo

Farm: Guacobia Farm

Farmer: Andres Guaca

Taste Notes: Blue Plums, Rosehip, Chocolate-Covered Blueberries, Red Apples, Butter Cookies.

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The San Adolfo area is known as the birthplace of Pink Bourbon – a variety that is particularly appreciated for its finesse and aromatic complexity. With this double anaerobic fermentation, the whole coffee cherries were fermented anaerobically in sealed plastic bags for 48h. Then de-pulped and washed twice and fermented again anaerobically for an additional 24h.



Andres Guaca, 3rd generation coffee farmer, owner of Guacobia farm together with his wife and two sons. Five years ago, Andres made a change towards specialty coffees, he began to improve post-harvest practices, with controlled, experimental fermentations. On his 5-hectare farm and on his brother's farm, he began to plant differentiated lots of more exotic varieties such as Pink Bourbon, Pacamara, Geisha ...
His eldest son is already in love with coffee production, and his dream is to be an agronomist and to continue with the development of the farm.


Coffee Paradise

In the heart of the Colombian eastern cordillera, San Adolfo an old red zone dominated by the M19 and FARC in the past, from the last 6 years it is safe to come to this area today known as the Specialty Coffee Paradise in Colombia due to the different microclimate and terroir. Also known for the birthplace of Pink Bourbon.


Pink Bourbon is a hybrid of Yellow and Red Bourbon varieties.

This variety is particularly appreciated for their finesse and aromatic complexity but are fragile and not very productive and therefore rare.

There’s more than color and altitude on its side. Chemical breakdowns have found that Pink Bourbon has higher glucose content than many other varieties. This additional glucose—a type of sugar—means not only a sweeter cup but also a silkier body and more luscious mouthfeel. Some farmers also report that Pink Bourbon has more disease resistance than its Red and Yellow parents.

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