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Producers: Daye Bensa

Taste Notes: Lychee, Earl Grey Tea, Fruit Candy, Panna Cotta.

Roast: Filter


Processing Harvest Altitude Variety  Scoring
December 2019 - February 2020
2100 m
Heirloom 88.5


The Daye Bensa family group was created by two brothers - Assefa Dukamo and Mulugeta Dukamo, about fifteen years ago. These group farmers produce coffee in conventional polyculture systems, where food crops complement coffee growing in the reclamation of family lands.


Why is this coffee special?

This year, Faficho natural coffee was collected from 626 farmers, all of whom live in the immediate vicinity of the village of Bombe, in the Sidama region. This coffee is offered by the family group Daye Bensa, which for several years has put a lot of energy into delivering finely traced batches. Very concerned about working with the best qualities, the members of Daye Bensa favor a close relationship with each of these farmers. They encourage them to always improve the quality of the cherries supplied, in particular by focusing on manual picking when ripe. These farmers produce coffee in old polyculture systems, where food crops complement coffee growing in the reclamation of family lands. The cherries are prepared in the village of Bombe, dried on African beds, and turned regularly for optimal drying.

The Daye Bensa group values ​​the quality of the coffee produced in this renowned appellation and for this reason, increases the prices paid to farmers for recognition of their work and their know-how. Daye Bensa also supports environmental protection in this region by funding reforestation programs. Finally, aware of the need to provide a future for the youth of Bombe, the family business annually supplies hundreds of notebooks and pencils to the village school.

The Daye Bensa company was created by two brothers, Assefa Dukamo and Mulugeta Dukamo, about fifteen years ago. Determined to reveal the high potentials of coffees of their country, they have, over the years, developed a company which today holds an important place in the production, collection, and export of coffee from Sidama. Daye Bensa currently manages two farms in this region, 19 washing stations in the producing region, and 5 coffee preparation warehouses located in the city, notably in Addis Ababa. They work with more than 1,400 small producers from whom they select the most beautiful cherries. The company also organizes regular training for these producers to further improve the quality of these coffees. These solid establishments, at different stages of the industry, allow Daye Bensa to offer qualitative coffees on the international scene. They centralize their activities from their headquarters in Addis Ababa, which brings together 15 people with varied skills, quality, logistics, finance, export, etc. As a sign of recognition for this applied work, two of their coffees were selected this year for the Cup of Excellence 2020.

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