Magic | Middle East limited edition

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Taste Notes: Lime, Jasmine, Chocolate-nut Cream, Cherry Brandy.

Roast: Espresso


Processing Harvest Altitude Variety  Scoring
Natural 2017 Sept -2018 Feb 1950 - 2250 m Heirloom 88.25


Our coffees are special indeed. But we wanted to make something more extra for our coffee lovers in the Middle East.

We created this label while being inspired by the beauty of architecture and the art of these magnificent countries.

Therefore we dressed up our top-selling coffee Magic Pussy with Arabic colors and ornaments and made it nice to the touch and so captivating to the eye, but enough about the label - when it comes to taste, nothing can be more magical than our specially selected naturally processed Ethiopian coffee.

Ethiopia, Guji / Ye Genet washing station.

Washing station owner:  Mr. Tsegaye Hagos.