Panama, Boquete | La Jungla, Washed

Panama, Boquete | La Jungla, Washed

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Nov 2020 – Apr 2021
1370 – 1600 m
Caturra, Catuai, Typica, Bourbon

Country: Panama

RegionBoquete, Chiriquí Province

Producer: Ruiz Family

Taste Notes: Butter Biscuits, White Chocolate, Lychee.

Roast: Filter


This blend is named La Jungla (meaning Jungle) due to its growing conditions underneath a natural Tropical forest canopy. Shade forest conditions make sugars develop longer in coffee cherries resulting in a pastry-like cup with mild acidity.



Coffee from Panama is well known for its specific high quality and rich flavours. The main reason is the unique climate and soil from which coffee trees benefit.

The hot tropical climate is cooled by rains and moderate breezes that flow from both oceans  the Pacific and Atlantic. The winds blowing over the mountains create a mist called bajareque. It's an immense air conditioner slowing the ripening of coffee cherries and contributing to ultimately sweet and complex cups.

Also, it's important to mention that complex and sweet cups are also a result of shade forest growth. Most of the farms are located underneath a natural tropical forest canopy. It protects coffee trees from direct sunlight, soil drying and also results in slower ripening of coffee cherries.

All three major coffee regions of this origin are located around Panama's volcanoes, so the water from springs and rain goes through volcanic soil, enriching the plants with nutrients.

 La Jungla lot itself comes from the Boquete region located on the western side of Panama in the foothill of Baru or Chiriqui volcano. It's the oldest coffee producing region in Panama. The coffee-growing traditions there are more than a century old. The result is this sweet pastry-like cup.


Ruiz family

The Ruiz family is one of the oldest families in Panama which works in the coffee industry. They started as smallholders growing their size and amount of farms together with their coffee quality. Through the years of knowledge and traditions, they proved themselves as one of the best Boquete region coffee farmers.

In the early 2000s, the family took another step up to provide high-quality coffee from Panama by opening K&R speciality coffee. They started to help smallholders by buying their coffee and providing further coffee processing. Through the years, their main goal was to try different coffee processing methods and reach each lot's potential.


The Lot

This lot comes from smallholder coffee farms located in Boquete subregions  Jaramillo and Bajo Mono. Bajo Mono translated means – Low Monkey  and it perfectly fits nature's specifics in it. In this region, monkeys come down from the forest canopy to wash in rivers and steal bananas from coffee farms, where they are grown as a natural fertilizer.

The lot itself is a blend of 4 different varieties commonly grown in Panama  Caturra, Catuai, Typica and Bourbon. All coffee cherries are handpicked in smallholder farms and transported to the Ruiz family washing station for further processing. There they are de-pulped and washed with clean water. Then beans are dried on raised beds for approximately 15 to 20 days. After drying, they are sorted by size and quality and blended to further packaging in jute bags.

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